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Compressed Air

Compressed Air

The level of industrial activity of a nation is measured by the amount of compressed air consumed. Industrial processes of all kinds use compressed air for a wide variety of applications from operating tools and driving machinery, to producing breathing air and paint spraying.

Oil, water and particulate contamination have to be removed immediately downstream of the compressor, and also in many cases, distribution line debris and water has to be removed at the point of use.


can supply a wide range of compressed air filtration products including :-

  • Simplex Housings
  • Duplex housings
  • Silicone free filter elements
  • Oil and water removal coalesers
  • Dryers


has the knowledge, products and services to work closely with our customers to ensure maximum plant efficiency and to minimise downtime.


can also supply a wide range of retro-fit products designed to be directly inter-changeable with most major filter manufacturers products.
Compressed Air
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