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Natural Gas

Natural Gas Conditioning

In its raw state, Natural Gas contains a range of undesirable contaminants such as particulates, water, condensate etc. In order to remove these contaminants and create a usable product, a variety of equipment is employed. Bulk contamination is removed using slug-catcher units, vane demister units reduce liquid content, cyclone units use centrifugal energy to remove denser material from the gas, and finally, cartridge filtration equipment is used to polish the gas and remove final traces of solid and liquid contamination.


supplies a wide range of equipment and consumables to condition Natural Gas to ensure the gas stream is maintained at an ultra high level of cleanliness, where both particulate level and liquid content are always at acceptable levels.


can supply a wide range of retro-fit products designed to be directly inter-changeable with most major filter manufacturers products.
Natural Gas
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