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The addition of flocculation aids greatly reduces yeast and haze loadings, and centrifuges are mainly used to pre-filter the beer before sending to the conditioning tanks. However, after conditioning, a final filtration stage is needed to remove residual yeast, other turbidity-causing materials, and micro-organisms in order to achieve colloidal and microbiological stability.

Usually, a two stage filtration process is employed utilising diatomaceous earth or perlite & post PVPP as a filtering medium. Although this type of filtration can produce beer of an acceptable brilliance, the process usually uses sheet or cartridge filters as a final polishing filter to ensure the highest and consistent product quality.


has the knowledge, products and services to work closely with our customers to ensure maximum plant efficiency and to minimise downtime and product rejection.


can also supply a wide range of retro-fit products designed to be directly inter-changeable with most major filter manufacturers products.
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